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Certified Staff Vacancy Details:
  This Vacancy is CLOSED.

Vacancy ID:
Position Title:
Local Education Guide (LEG) One Year Position 
Green Bay Area Public School District 
District Office 
12 Questions:
Additional Questions:
Required, For Non-Administrators
Online Cover Letter: Required - Click on "Online Cover Letters" from your main menu AFTER you have applied.
1.	Wisconsin DPI Licensure (teacher, guidance counselor, etc.)
2.	Completion of LEG training
3.	30 Hour Online Teacher Certification preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
1.	Interest in supporting student success in online learning
2.	Strong skills, experience and knowledge with customary online 
learning tools (computer use, uploading files, online collaboration 
systems, sending and receiving email, Internet navigation)
3.	Knowledge of the characteristics associated with successful 
online learners
4.	Knowledge of the challenges associated with online learning
5.	Effective communication skills and strategies
6.	Ability to motivate students
7.	Ability to assist students in problem-solving/trouble-shooting 
8.	Flexibility in work time parameters to meet learners’ need
9.	Organizational skills

Responsibilities, Tasks, and Duties:
1.	Assist in facilitating the student’s learning process through (at 
least) weekly face-to-face, e-mail, or phone contact.
2.	Provide orientation for the student; verify their ability to 
access their course, send and receive emails, upload and send assignments.
3.	Develop a file for each student.  Maintain record of student’s 
contact information, username, password, course information, and teacher 
contact information.  Include a printout of the course syllabus, outline, 
and grading policies.  Include weekly progress reports.
4.	Send an introductory email to the online teacher.  Communicate 
any issues or accommodations that need to be made for the student.
5.	Make sure the student completes the course orientation, if 
6.	Encourage the student to access/initiate work on the course in 
the first two weeks to determine whether online learning will meet their 
needs.  Monitor the student’s engagement and discuss suitability of online 
learning during this two-week drop period.
7.	Encourage/assist the student to create a course file and to 
include the schedule for assignments, quizzes, and tests (pace chart), as 
well as contact information, username, password, course information, and 
teacher contact information.  Include a printout of  the course syllabus, 
outline, and grading policies.
8.	Monitor weekly progress reports received via email; evaluate need 
for additional student/parent/teacher contact and act accordingly.
9.	Provide guidance department/administration/parents with updates 
as requested.
10.	Encourage the student to check announcements, teacher emails, 
calendar, and grade book each time they log in.
11.	Be aware if course policy requires proctoring of quizzes and 
exams, contact the instructor if that is necessary to facilitate 
12.	Submit documentation of course completion and grades to home 
school registrar.

Reports to:	Associate Superintendent

Position Goal:	To provide effective orientation, guidance, support, and 
encouragement to online students by facilitating regular communication, 
effectively answering questions, and providing timely advice to promote 
their academic achievement.

There are no benefits associated with this one year position.

1. All Licenses
Degree: Bachelors       Experience: 0 Years
Begin Date:
Apply By:
Date Entered:
August 2013
01-01-2013  (3:59 pm)
08-25-2012   Updated: 03-07-2013

Randy Etten, Director of Human Resources
Green Bay Area Public School District
200 South Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54303
http://www.gbaps.org (new window)